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Strawberry Picking with Joyce

Updated: Jun 22

While The Wooden Chair was closed this past Tuesday, our team gathered to enjoy a delightful outing, thanks to the incredible efforts of our treasured server, Joyce. She organizes this special day of strawberry picking and fun each year and we'd been looking forward to it for months.

Breakfast at Bunny Hop Cafe

We started our day with a hearty breakfast at Bunny Hop Cafe, located in Junction City. It's a place Joyce frequents and loves to share with friends. The cafe provided a charming setting for us to gather, chat, and fill our bellies before our big adventure.

WC Team at Bunny Hop Cafe
The team members that could make it: Adam, Tracie, Desmond (Lead Cook), Neah (Busser), Aurora (Server), Tommy (Busser), Joyce (Server), and Noah (Busser)

Heading to Arnold's Strawberries

After our meal, we headed to Arnold's Strawberries in Rudolph. With a temperature of 90 degrees and sunny skies, it was a sweaty but perfect day for strawberry picking. The farm was a stunning sight with rows of ripe, red berries, and the air was filled with a sweet, fruity scent.

Wooden Chair team at Arnold's Strawberries field

For a few of us, it was the first time experiencing the joy of picking strawberries straight from the vine. The farm was beautiful, and we enjoyed the lush green fields and abundant berries.

Joyce picking strawberries at Arnold's Strawberry Farm
Joyce filled her bucket first... No surprise there!

A highlight of the day was seeing Joyce in her element. Not only is she an exceptional server at the restaurant, but she’s also a farmer with a deep connection to the land and surrounding community. Her joy and pride in her farming heritage was undeniable and it was heartwarming to have her as a guide through the entire process.

It was also fun to joke about how some, especially Neah, might have eaten more berries than they picked!

Building Bonds Through Shared Experiences

These moments away from the hustle of the restaurant allowed us to naturally connect on a deeper level. We shared stories and laughter under the summer sun. It’s days like these that strengthen our team’s bond and remind us even further why we love working together.

Strawberry Picking Yields Strawberry Features

Many strawberries we picked came home with us, but lots of them will be a sweet ingredient for some Special Features at The Wooden Chair this week. This is what you can expect on the menu in the next couple days: Fresh Strawberry Chicken Wraps and Fresh Strawberry Waffles.

We hope our guests will enjoy the freshness and love that went into every berry picked!

A Special Thanks to Joyce

A huge thank you to Joyce for organizing this wonderful day and for sharing a piece of her world with us. Her dedication and heart shine through in everything she does. We’re already looking forward to next year’s strawberry picking adventure and more opportunities to create beautiful memories as a team! #TeamOuting #StrawberryPicking #TheWoodenChair #JoyfulMoments #JoycefulMoments #FreshFromTheFarm


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